What is Advent?

bible Advent, from the Latin word which means coming or visit, is a special time of contemplation of the reason for Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Jesus the Christ.  It is an opportunity to prepare spritually for Christmas that has been celebrated for centures in the Christian Church.  The traditional elements of Advent are scripture reading, prayer, song, a wreath, and five candles. Advent beings the fourth Sunday before Christmas and culminates on Christmas Day.  During this time, many churches display a wreath of evergreens and candles, lighting the appropriate candles while reading scripture each Sunday and on Christmas. The Advent season can also be celebrated in your home in a similar way.  This website is meant to facilite that by posting daily Bible readings that will take you from readings in the book of Genesis (the beginning) through the birth of Jesus and prophesies of His coming return and our time with Him in future eternity. Each Bible reading is designed so that it can be read in about five minutes, but, the time of meditation, prayer, song, and discussion can be extended for as long as you wish.